Onsite Training for Wonder Workshop

Tim Tomaso has been a Technology Educator for 23 years and has been writing curriculum and engaging students (and teachers) in the classroom in all technical areas, including robotics, engineering, architecture, web design, graphic design and model making.  

Tim has years of experience using Dash & Dot and and knows how to fully leverage this technology. He has successfully trained many teachers with his fun, engaging workshops. He works with schools to understand their needs and aligns the session accordingly.

Tim will work with you ahead of time to plan what topics you want emphasis on, but here's a typical agenda:

  • Classroom Setup & Getting Started
  • Basics of Dash & Dot
  • 5 associated Wonder Workshop Apps
  • Accessory Overview
  • Lesson Plans & How to Use in the Classroom
  • Tips and Tricks

For most locations in the US, the rate for a single day is $2,750. Contact us today so we can learn more about your needs and plan a trip.